Home Booster

DB Pro 3G Kit


The directional antenna of this wireless cell phone booster for homes gives you a higher-powered signal for voice and 3G signal on all North American carriers.



Car Booster

Mobile 3G Kit


The Drive 3G-M is our most popular 3G vehicle booster.  It boosts voice and 3G data signals for phones, tablets, and modems.



Car Booster

Sleek kit


The Drive 3G-S boosts voice and 3G data signals for all North American carriers. The cradle is adjustable to fit virtually any phone.



Home Booster

DB Pro 4G


The Connect 4G cell phone booster for home and office boosts voice and data signals, including 3G & 4G LTE, on all carriers for medium-sized homes.



Building Solutions

Wilson Electronics Building Solutions improve cell phone performance in a variety of building types. They work in areas as small as a single room to as large as a warehouse or a multi-story building. Wilson’s top performing building boosters and antennas will give you a strong, reliable cell phone signal indoors.

Small Areas

If you need to improve your cell phone or data card signal coverage in a small area such as a workspace or a desk, Wilson offers signal boosters perfect to fit your needs. These devices are easy to use, simply plug and play.

Mid-Sized Areas

When coverage area is desired for a small room or office, Wilson has a variety of boosters to increase signal performance of all cell phone devices on any network inside of a room experiencing weak signal.

Large Areas

Wilson provides multiple solutions to significantly improve voice and data performance of all cellular devices on any network inside of buildings with weak signal. Large Building solutions are specifically designed for installation in a larger environment, such as a large home, a warehouse, or a multi-level building.

Mobile Solutions

Whether you’re traveling on the road, camping in a remote area, or on the water, Wilson Electronics offers three categories of cell phone signal boosters to keep you connected on the move! Additionally, optional packages (or kits) are available to provide greater portability and use in buildings.


Wireless boosters boosters require no physical connection between the boosters and your cell phone or data devices. Wireless boosters are powerful enough to support multiple cell phones and data devices simultaneously.

Cradle Boosters

Built into each of Wilson’s all-in-one Cradle Boosters is a signal booster, internal antenna, cell phone holder, and battery charger. It is ideal for hands free operation, and can be used with your Bluetooth device, handset or phone’s speaker. The Cradle Booster product line includes the iBooster™, built specifically for the iPhone™, the C-Booster for the Blackberry® Curve™, and the U-Booster for all other brands and types of cell phones. New for 2010 is the Sleek, Wilson’s most affordable and compact cell signal booster.

Trade in your old Phone

Interested in trading in your phone?  Well we have a trade in program where we will look up the value of your old device and we will use that value towards a new phone instore. Some restrictions apply please see store for details




We will recycle your old phone! Dont throw your phone away in the garbage, we will ship it out and take care of it for you.

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